1998 Updates

November 1998

Hard to believe that another season, and another year are gone. This year Tracey competed on seven different tracks in four states. I attended events on my own also. So between the two of us we attended races at 18 different tracks in seven different states.

Tracey competed at three different asphalt tracks; Charlotte, NC, Lanier National Speedway in Braselton, GA and Clearfield Mountain, Clearfield, PA. We competed at Charlotte a total of three times. The first was a 60 lap race, in which we finished 10th. The second was another 60 lap event in which the motor suffered a broken rocker arm; forcing Tracey to withdraw and settling for 19th. position. The third and final event was 150 laps in length in which we finished 13th. Our two trips to Clearfield netted us a 6th. position, and one DNF. Our first journey to Lanier National Speedway we deemed a success as we copped 6th. position in a l00 lap event. Tracey also competed in many dirt races here in Pennsylvania, and Hagerstown, MD. The PA dirt tracks included; Challenger, Hidden Valley, Clearfield and the newly opened Dog Hollow, all in the semi-late of owner Dick DeLisle of Clearfield.

Tracey was also a guest on Racing Wrap Up with host Terry Whetstone on WPHB radio.


1998 Port City Offset, 98 5-Star Monte Carlo body, Winter Sprint rear, Wilwood brakes, Carrera shocks, ATL cell, steel interior, Sweet steering, Butler Built seat, ALL TOP COMPONENTS. Everything minus motor, tranny and oiling. 350 laps on car since

new, $12,000.00.

1993 Port City, 98 5-Star Monte Carlo body, Winters rear, Wilwood brakes, Sweet steering, Carrera shocks, new interior, new front suspension and clip, $6000.00

Our project to help the children of the Cheyenne River Sioux in South Dakota is we feel, going to be a success. We have gathered dolls, stuffed animals, toys, games etc... We were also able to make up 100 individual boxes for the kids, which will contain candy, school supplies, a Bible, and toiletries. We are planning to possibly expand this project next year to include kids closer to home. Our thanks to all that participated.

As always we can be reached at:

Potter Motorsports
P.O. Box 98
Karthaus, PA 16845
814/263-7110 or 814/263-4326

internet addresses

keep checking for our new web page at www.pottermotorsports.com

June 1998

Hi Everyone!

Bet you all thought I was gone for good. Lucky you!! I’m back!!

Well as you may or may not know, we had a devastating crash at the Clearfield Mountain Speedway during the very first race of last year. Yea I mean 1997. (Honest I’ve been gone that long) This wreck destroyed our car. Fortunately the Port City held up, and Tracey escaped without injury. But, except for two forays in Harry White’s Late Model; one to Jennerstown, and Evergreen, our asphalt operation was curtailed for the remainder of the 1997 season. It was at this time that Tracey became involved with Dirt Semi-Late Owner Dick DeLisle of Clearfield. With Tracey’s motor and Dick’s car; Tracey made a move to competing on dirt for the first time ever. Instead of chasing points at any given track the pair decided to compete at various tracks. By the end of "97" Tracey had raced on nine different dirt tracks in Pennsylvania and Maryland. This included Tri-City, Thunder Valley, Challenger, Marion Center, Hidden Valley, and Hagerstown Maryland.

Spare time last year was devoted to rebuilding the asphalt car. After a trip to the Port City facility in Muskegon, MI to reclip the front and rear of the car; Tracey spent the remainder of the year rebuilding the rest of it. After an entire winter and part of the spring it was finally race ready.

After an entire winter to contemplate his next move; Tracey decided to relocate his racing operation to North Carolina. The home and garage of our former owner Harry White of New York was to be the new season residence of #11. Harry relocated to North Carolina several years ago to be closer to the nucleus of Stock Car Racing. Tracey will spent this season in competition at Concord Motorsports Park, which is located a short distance from The Charlotte Motor Speedway. To date we have made the North Carolina jaunt three times; once to practice only and twice to race. In the first race Tracey placed tenth. The second race we did not qualify well, but had moved up 12 positions, when the car experienced motor problems forcing Tracey to pull out of the event. We will also attempt to run other tracks in the Charlotte area as time and working schedules permit. I will let you know more information on the Southern activities in future newsletters. In addition Tracey will again be driving on dirt for owner Dick DeLisle.

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