1997 Updates

January 1997

Last Race of Season In October we traveled to Evergreen Speedway at St. Johns, PA; where we competed in an open class Late Model event, capturing third in the feature event. The day was marred with problems for us in the form of ignition trouble and fuel line problems. Due to this, we only got three practice laps and were not able to run a heat race. Therefore we had to start in the back for the main event. Tracey, with a poor handling car (due to no practice and heat laps) worked his way to third. Despite our problems, we all liked the people, and Evergreen Speedway itself. We plan on attending any Late Model events that are held there in 1997. We will keep you posted as to where we will be.

DIRT TRACKING My only excursion outside of the asphalt since the last newsletter was to Hagerstown Speedway on November 10. This was one of the coldest racing events I have ever sat through! And yes there were a lot of people there as dumb as Mom and I were. But it didn’t matter, we took lots of blankets stayed sort of warm and loved the sprinters anyway. I will be attending dirt track events in "97", more of them than I attended last year.

YEAR END INFO We ended the year at CMS with a fifth place points finish. Jeff Haas ended the season with a 15th place points finish due to missing many events due to business obligations. The 77 car that Jeff competed in is for sale. Until we sell it, it will still be available as a rental unit for Clearfield Speedway. Anyone interested in renting can contact Tracey for more information. Our plans for this year are to compete at CMS, with some excursions to Ohio, New York and of course east to Evergreen.

DEDICATION This, the first newsletter of the new year we dedicate to our good friend Charles (Chuckie) W. Narehood, Jr. who lost his life in an auto accident on November 9th. 1996. Chuckie will be remembered as our good friend and fan, and he is brother of our crew member Don who was profiled in our last newsletter. Chuckie we will remember you always.

Chuckie 03/01/68 - 11/09/96.

Till next time


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