1996 Updates

August 1996

YANKEE DOODLE 100   The Yankee Doodle 100 eluded us again for the fourth straight year. A flat tire and then a crash eight laps from the finish ended our evening on a sour note. The first problem occurred on lap 72 when debris on the track caused the left front to go flat. At that time we were in third position. Our great crew changed the tire, sent Tracey back out and did not lose a lap. Tracey worked his way to the front, and on lap 92 was race leader. There was then a mishap between two lapped cars at the beginning of the back stretch, Tracey was coming off of turn two, had no place to go and collected one of his fellow racers. Severe damage was done to our car, finishing it for the next two weeks.

The second week in July was rained out. The next two weekends found us with one flat tire, and two flat tires respectively in the feature events; causing us to finish way back in the field. As you racers know, a flat tire in a 30 lap feature is a sure loser.

August found us never out of the top ten, with two fifth place finishes, one sixth place, two seventh place finishes; and still holding down fifth in points.

Yes I finally made it to the dirt. I attended Selingsgrove Speedway on August 21, for Beef Night. I’m glad I went because I actually forgot how much I like Sprinters. Tracey did not go with me; which is a good thing, he would have wanted to come home, liquidate his asphalt equipment and purchase a Sprint Car!!!

Profile--DON NAREHOOD--Don goes way back with this team. He has worked with us since the Motocross and Three-Wheeler racing days. He has resided in Karthaus all of his life, across the road from us. He not only works at the track every Saturday night, but puts in several nights a week at the shop. He is an auto technician and has worked on heavy equipment and trucks; he is currently employed by Leitzinger Imports of State College. Our thanks to Don and all of our very loyal crew members. Until next time, see you at the races.

Jeff Haas--Jeff competed on July 27, capturing fifth in the feature event. Again during the month of July, business obligations kept Jeff from competing on a regular basis. During the month of August Jeff competed in the Labor Day Snap on Tools Event. Unfortunately he was involved in a mishap on the first lap, the crew worked on the car and got him back out for the last 20 laps.


July 1996

Car Show--In June 29, we attended a car show, hosted by WalMart of St. Marys. This show benefited the Make A Wish Foundation. Competitors from three area tracks were on hand for this worthwhile cause. Our car was one of six Asphalt cars in attendance, all from Clearfield. We all had a great time and raised a good deal of money for Make a Wish, all despite being rained on.


June 1 Third

June 8 Rained Out

June 15 Sixth

June 22 Fifth

June 29 Rained Out

Well comrades that’s all I have time for this month.


PS - No I still did not make it to the dirt yet!!!

June 1996

The number 11 was the best its ever been going into the first race of the season at The Mountain (Clearfield Mt. Speedway). A winter of hard work and lots of new parts had us moving the fastest ever around the half mile oval. We posted practice lap times in the lower to mid 18 second range. But a first lap first turn crash which sidelined our car and five others changed that. The next two weeks were rained out giving us time to rebuild the front end of the car. All you racers know how a front end crash affects the handling of a car. Two weeks later we were back, only to have the car hit once again on the right front during a heat race. We always carry front suspension parts to rebuild the car, which we did, but did not have enough time to get the handling corrected before the feature. But as ever we will RACE ON!

Well there is a glimmer of hope for the future. There is a slight, (and I mean slight) possibility that we may be able to go to a Slim Jim All Pro Race at the end of the season. If we go it will be to the All American 400 October 13, at Nashville, TN. This event is to be televised live on TNN. If everything goes well, we keep the car together, we keep a motor together, and etc...etc...etc... we just might be able to do it. We will keep you informed on this in later newsletter issues. It is something we really want to do, and need to do. We will be working with prime and associate potential advertisers throughout the summer for this live televised event.

The other Potter Motorsports car driven by Jeffrey Haas of State College, PA is doing very well. Jeff does not compete every week. But he has run two events to date posting a seventh place finish on his first run and a third place finish on the second run.

Tracey and the shop crew definitely have their hands full maintaining two cars. But everything has worked out very well so far. They put in a lot of hours and do an excellent job. They must because both cars run well, and run up front. Maintenance at the track is also tough (even I have to work) so far we have only had problems with one car or the other, not both at once. I’m sure that in the future they will both be sitting there with something wrong. Maybe we’ll get lucky, but you know better than that.


POTTER - #11                    HAAS - #77

April 27 Crash - DNF           Seventh

May 4 Rained Out               Ditto

May 11 Rained Out             Ditto

May 18 Seventh                  Did not compete

May 25 Fifth                       Third

That's about it for now, you will not receive another newsletter until after the Fourth of July, so have a great Fourth. We run the 6th of July, therefore (since I have Friday off) maybe a Sprint race somewhere for me?!

Till next time


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