1995 Updates

December 1995

Hello All!!!

You probably thought I forgot about the newsletter. No you don’t get off that easy. We have actually been almost as busy after racing season as we were during. Of course there was Halloween, Thanksgiving and of course now trying to get ready for Christmas in that time span.

Well if you don’t already know we finished the year quite well; third in points at Clearfield Mountain Speedway. Right behind the always great Clate Husted of Philipsburg, and Barry Awtey of Jenners PA. Out of 40 plus registered cars and drivers this is actually very, very good.

Tracey attended the last NASCAR Slim Jim All Pro Race on November 19th., at Myrtle Beach Speedway in South Carolina. Tracey and our crew member Mark Wooster were pit crew members (Gas man and Catch can man) for a area driver, whom races with us at Clearfield Mountain Speedway. Harry White formerly of Endicott, NY was a tire man. To jog your memory Tracey drove Harry’s yellow #41 Pro Stock at Jennerstown and Clearfield Speedways. Harry and his wife Shirley now reside in Rollsville, NC.

By the way our present car is able to compete in the Slim Jim All Pro Series. Many of these events are televised and all draw huge crowds; terrific opportunity for anyone out there needing a great marketing advantage.

This newsletter pit crew member profile is on Gaylen Dixon. Gaylen attends the races weekly with us. He is a seventeen year Mercedes-Benz technician, and is considered a top Benz technician. Gaylen is very calm , collected and level headed at the track which is a very big asset. He is also greatly skilled in what technicians deem problem cars. That is, cars that have a problem but no one can figure out what is wrong. This is very important at the track. Gaylen attends two to three Mercedes-Benz specialized schools per year. And as Mercedes is always on the cutting edge of technology, this knowledge is of great advantage to our team. We thank Gaylen for his expertise weekly at the track. When not racing, working, or attending school, Gaylen can be found fishing or tinkering with his own classic 1981 Mercedes; which is, by the way, beautiful.

Well that about wraps things up for now, Tracey and the crew of #11, wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and safe New Year. See you in "96".



August 1995 

Hello again everyone!

A month sure does go by quickly. The month of July was good to our team. We are still holding down fifth position in points at Clearfield Mountain Speedway. The car is working better every week. Two weeks ago we ran second for the better part of the feature, until tire problems forced us to fifth position. A run down of the month is as follows:

July 1 Seventh Yankee Doodle 100

July 8 Sixth

July 15 Fifth

July 22 Fourteenth Crash

July 28 Seventh

July also found us at the Clearfield Mall Car Show. We were one of eight teams represented. This show was held by the Clearfield Mountain Speedway in conjunction with the mall. Drawings were held for door prizes, and spectators voted for their favorite car and drivers. All proceeds benefited Clearfield County Hospice.

As I promised last month, I will start a monthly profile of individual crew members. This month's profile is on Shawn Wood. Shawn is a graduate of Penn State University, and employed as an engineer by Murata-Erie in State College, PA. Shawn and Tracy have been very good friends since the first grade. Shawn was recently married (Tracey was Best man). He enjoys both asphalt and dirt track racing and when not racing he can usually be found somewhere on the highway riding his Harley. Shawn and his wife Stacy reside in Port Matilda. We thank him very much for his help at the shop and every week at the track.

As always please try to patronize our sponsors whenever possible.

  • Big M’s Garage, Karthaus
  • Fuel & Save, Karthaus
  • B&B Auto Body, Frenchville
  • BG’s Garage, Winburne

See you at the track


PS Shirts are finally here. See Tracey, Lori or Mary.

June 1995

Hello Everyone

I know it has been a long time since you received a newsletter from us. My apologies for that. I will try to be more timely in the future!

Well if you don’t already know we are competing only at Clearfield Mountain Speedway this year. To date we have done very well (considering we still have the old Street Stock motor in a late model!). The car has placed as high as third in a feature event, and we are currently fifth in points. Our goal is to finish as high as possible in points and keep the car in one piece. Tracey has done very well doing that, just one minor crash, as a matter of fact that was the same feature where he finished third!

We were participants in a car show at the Clearfield Mall on July 8th., but more about that in the July Newsletter. Also mark off Friday August 11th., the car will be appearing in the Karthaus Firemans parade, which begins at 7pm. If you have time come on down to the parade and carnival, all for a good cause.

If you know of any events, parades, car shows etc... that would like the appearance of our car, please let us know, if possible we will attend.

To thank you for your continued support we have enclosed a picture of driver, car and hauler.

Until next month


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