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February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!  It has again been a long time since our last update.  Tracy competed regularly at Clinton County for the 2010 racing season.  He finished a respectable 6th in points.  This wasn't bad considering that he was competing against 410's with his 360.   We were also pleased when he was awarded the Most Improved Driver award at the Clinton County Awards Banquet in January.  Here are the results from Clinton County:

Date Heat Feature
4/23 1 6
4/30 1 9
5/14   7
5/21   13
6/11   4
6/18   6
7/30   4 (ASCS field of 44 cars)
8/6   7
8/20   7
8/27   13
9/10   7

2011 will see a new power plant under the hood of the 11 car.  The heads are being worked on in the state of Indiana by the same person who does Steve Kinser's head work.  Bill Rusonis of Dubois will be fabricating wings for the car.

Tracy is planning to race all sprint events at Clinton County.  He will also try to pick up some other events on CC's off weeks, including some Patriot shows.  Rumor has it that Clinton County is planning to host a wingless event, so we may take the top down and give that a try.  We're also looking forward to heading back to Dog Hollow, where there will be some sprint events this summer.  Tracy used to run stock cars there, so it will be interesting to see what the Dog Hollow dirt feels like under his sprinter.  (Jodie is hoping the sprints are there the same night as the school buses.  It is really hard to beat seeing a half dozen full sized school buses going broad side through the turns...ah, the memories...)

A full schedule will be posted when Clinton County releases their schedule.  Be sure to check out the photos page for some new photos from the 2010 season, courtesy of Kathy Bierly and Nate Yeagle.

See you at the races!

November 30, 2009

Hello all!  Itís been a long while since our last update.  Not much racing got done in 2008.  In fact, the sprint car stayed in the garage all season.  We decided to build a new house, and that took up what little free time we had.  Of course, our children Manna and Jay have been keeping us very busy.  We are now expecting our third jr. pit crew member in January of 2010.

Not getting to race had me itching to get going this summer.  We competed in all sprint car events at Clinton County Raceway except one and finished 7th in points for the season.  We felt pretty good about this, since we are competing with a 360 engine, while all other Top 10 finishers utilized the 410 power plant. 

For the 2010 season, we again plan on competing at Clinton County Raceway in the sprint car division.  We hope to improve our performance by upgrading to a 410 engine and continuing to build on what we have learned this year.

We would like to especially thank the crew that helped work on the car at the shop and in the pits this season.  They included: Lori Potter, Harry White, Don Narehood, Danny Womer, and Dudley Houdeshell.

We hope to see you at the track in 2010.

February 20, 2008

Hello again!  We have been in hibernation for awhile.  It's so hard to get time to update everyone on our racing news.  We have been very busy over the last year.  In 2007, we participated in about 10 to 12 events at Clinton County, Sportsmans Speedway, and Tri City Speedway.  We ran pretty well, considering Tracy's lack of experience in the sprint car and running a 360 against 410's.  As it turns out, our 360 was probably even less than a 360, since it was pretty worn out.  The engine is currently at Kriner's Racing Engines getting rebuilt, and they said, "boy you got your money's worth outta this one!"  Oops.

Besides racing, we have been very busy keeping up with our 2 1/2 year old daughter Manna.  She is into everything and really likes to rearrange the tools in the tool box.  Also, in December of 2007 we added yet a new pit crew member.  Baby Jay Potter was born on the 12th, and he has been keeping us even busier. 

Potter Family ~ Christmas 2007    Baby Jay Potter ~ 6 weeks old

We have also constructed a new 2,400 square foot race shop at our home in Philipsburg, PA.  This has also taken a lot of time, as Tracy and some of his friends built most of it themselves.

We hope to compete fairly regularly at Clinton County Raceway, with a few ventures out to other tracks.  It is really a pretty big question mark at this time how much racing we will get done since the logistics of getting a 3-year old and a 4-month old back and forth to the track is going to be a challenge.  On this note, Jodie is looking for a friend to hang out with at the track ~ preferably someone who can help chase a 3-year old.  Of course, we are always looking for motivated help for car prep at the shop and crew help at the track.  The pay is free Middleswarth potato chips and all the methanol fumes and dust you can stand.  See you at the races!

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