2005 Updates

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July 20, 2005

Ok, I'm late again on updating...sorry!  I'll try to do better!  We've tried to do some racing over the last month or so, but we only made it to two shows, both over the July 4th weekend.  Tracy raced at Clinton County on Friday, July 1, and at Tri-City Speedway (Franklin, PA) on Sunday, July 3.  He's still trying to get the bugs worked out, and the races were largely uneventful.  (At least they were uneventful from my vantage ~ Manna and I spent a good amount of the nights in the truck!)  No crashes or broken parts (or driver!) so all is good on that end!  We missed some other races since then because Tracy was traveling to Germany for work, and we got rained out at Tri-City last weekend.  Bummer!

Thanks to Lori, Harry, Tim, and Doug for help in the pits.  We're thankful for our great crew!  Hope to see you this Friday night at Clinton County!

June 18, 2005

Yikes!  How long has it been since I updated!  Oops.  Sorry about that.  I'm not sure where 2004 went!  It was a busy year for us, but we didn't get to participate in much racing.  We were very busy with the construction of a new factory building for APP in the Moshannon Valley Regional Business Park in Philipsburg.  That was quite an adventure and very time consuming.  We did make it to a couple of races at the end of the season at Clinton County.

And this year....we got off to a late start because of the arrival of sweet little Manna.  She was born April 12, and she's a real cutie.  Check out her pics here.  We wanted to wait until she was at least a month old before taking her to the races.  She's two months old now, and she's already been to three different race tracks!  So, we raced at Clinton County and Sportsmans in May and then again last night at Clinton County.  So far, the season is going well.  Tracy is working the bugs out of the car and keeping it (and more importantly - himself!) in one piece.  He said the car was pretty racey last night at CC, and he ended up finishing 9th out of 19 cars after starting 13th.

Thanks so much to the help of our crewmembers this year - Lori, Clem, Harry, Tim, Doug, Joe, Eric, Craig, Josh.  We can't get the car out there without you!

I'd also like to encourage you to listen to the REV 89.1 when you are in Central PA.  They play great contemporary Christian music.  It's good for you :) 

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