2003 Updates

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October 14, 2003

Well, we unfortunately had an early end to our 2003 season.  We were planning on attending the PA Sprint Car Shootout at Clinton County Speedway last Sunday, October 12.  However, in prepping the car last week, the crew discovered a blown intake gasket.  With the engine already not up to 100%, and finding the blown gasket, Tracy decided not to attend the race on Sunday.  We were all wishing for a few extra races, not for the season to be over one race sooner.  Now I guess we'll all just wish for a short winter and for April to get here SOON!  Despite the car troubles and learning curve we battled this season, Tracy still finished in 10th place in points at the Clinton County Speedway.  Great Job, Tracy!

We would like to say a special thank you to our pit crew this year.  With the crazy schedule we keep, we could truly not do it without the help of the TEAM:

Troy Lucas
Lori Potter
Clem Myer
Eric Moore
Joe Harpster
Tim Dunkel
Doug Walker
Angie Trude
Shawn Wood

We would also like to thank our sponsors.  With a racing budget never quite as big as it needs to be, support from our sponsors is invaluable.  We encourage you to patronize these businesses whenever possible, and tell them we sent you!  (See our sponsors page for contact information.)

Lucas Oil -- Heating Oil, Diesel Fuel, Automatic Deliveries
Fye Logging & Veneer, Inc. --
Buyer and Seller of Veneer Hardwoods
J.D. Potter Enterprises, Inc. --
Tri-Axle Hauling Stone, Coal, and Lime
The Brake Man --
Innovative Brake Technology
Bonnell's Collision Center --
Collision Repair Services
K&N Performance Filters --
K&N makes the world's best air filters
Stewart Warner --
Gauges, Tachometers, Speedometers
Vinyl Graphic Specialties --
Motorsports Lettering
Hinchman Indy --
Quality Racing Uniforms 

So, now we'll take a few days off (maybe) and begin to get the car ready for the 2004 season.  Stay tuned to find out our racing plans for next year!

October 5, 2003

We were back to Clinton County Speedway this weekend for a two day show.  It was a cold, cold qualifying Friday night.  Tracy finished 5th in his heat race out of 9 cars, earning him a starting spot in the feature event.  Saturday was not much warmer (maybe even a little colder!) for the feature event.  Tracy started in 14th place out of 20 cars.  He ended up finishing 12 in his feature event.  

Thanks to Clem, Troy, Angie, Lori, Eric, Joe, Tim, and Doug for all the help in the pits.  There was some serious wrenching going on this weekend, and during the week at the garage.  We couldn't get the car to the track or around the track once it's there without the help of the team.  Thanks!  Also, congratulations to our friend Kevin Dickson for a great run in the modified feature event Friday night, where he had a great 4th (almost 3rd!) place finish!  Great job, Kevin!

We will be back for one last race of the season next Sunday afternoon at Clinton County for the PA Sprint Car Shootout.  Gates open at 10:00, with racing at beginning at 1:00.  Hope to see you there!

September 30, 2003

Hurricane Isabel moved out, and we moved back in to Clinton County Speedway last Friday night, September 26 for the last regular event of the season at the speedway.  We got off to a rough start, when the car filled with fumes during the hot laps and heat race, making it tough for our driver to breathe, let alone navigate the car!  Thanks to some advice from (2003 track champion) Daryl Stimeling, the crew made a quick adjustment, and Tracy was fume-free for his consolation event.  He started on the outside pole, and won the 8-lap consy!  This was our first checkered flag in the sprint car, and we think we'd like to get some more!  So Tracy started 15th out of 20 cars for the feature event.  This was a little hairy, because it put him smack dab in the middle of potential craziness.  There were a few flips during the feature, but Tracy managed to get through without any trouble.  He started 15th out of 20 cars, and finished in 9th place, with the car working better than it has all year.

We will be back to Clinton County this weekend for a 2-day show.  Friday night, October 3, will be qualifying, with the feature race on Saturday, October 4.  We will also be back at Clinton County for the last race of the season, the PA Sprint Car Shootout, on Sunday afternoon, October 12.  Details on these races can be found at www.clintoncountyspeedway.com.

Thanks to Troy, Lori, and Clem for help at the garage and in the pits.  Also, welcome to our newest pit crew members, Joe Harpster and Tim Dunkel, of Tyrone.  We appreciate all of their help!

Don't forget to check out our for sale page for many good used parts.  Many sprint car parts will be added over the next few weeks.  Tell a friend!

September 16, 2003

Friday, September 12, brought us back to the Clinton County Speedway for another night of racing.  We got a slow start, because the car was still set up for Tri-City from two weeks ago.  During the intermission, we wrenched and got the car switched back around to our regular Clinton County setup.  Tracy started on the outside pole in the feature event.  The track was very dusty, and unfortunately Tracy got caught up in a car that was stopped in between turns 3 and 4, because he couldn't see through the dust, and by the time he did see it, there was no where to go.  He came in to get the car checked out, and everything looked ok, except for a bent nerf bar.  They made a quick adjustment, and he was back out on the track for the rest of the race.  It was pretty uneventful (which is a good thing!) and Tracy cruised to an 8th place finish.

Thanks to Troy and Lori for help in the pits.

We are hoping to make it to the races this Friday night, but Hurricane Isabel might have other plans...MAYBE we'll see you there!

September 4, 2003

As predicted, we did not make it to Clinton County, on Friday, August 22.  We were ready to hit the track Friday, August 29, as the engine was back in running order.  We only got through the engine starts, and the skies opened up AGAIN, and boy did it pour!  The night ended early, with no end to the showers in sight.  We loaded up the car, and found that we have a bigger mess to clean up when we get rained out, than we do when we actually get to race!  The whole trailer had a fresh coat of wet clay inside.  So we took the car home and figured out what our next move would be.  That next move would take us to Tri-City Speedway, in Franklin, PA, Sunday night, August 31 for the Oil Region Labor Day Classic.  This was Tracy's first time racing on this track with the new #11 sprinter.  We got a bit of a late start and missed hot laps, but made it in time for the heat and feature.  There were many things that needed changed over on the car to accommodate the half-mile clay oval.  Some of these changes Lori took care of Saturday at the garage; some we had to change over in the pits.  We were grateful to have a guest crew chief for the evening.  Jeff McCall, instructor of Dave Blaney's Outlaw Driving Experience (which Tracy attended at Sharon Speedway last summer), stopped by to check out the car.  He didn't even realize it was us, but when he recognized our crew, he stuck around to help with the changes that needed to be done on the car.  He was a great help, and fun to have around!  He earned his supper, for sure!  Anyway, we got the car ready, and Tracy ran the heat race.  He realized the car wasn't quite switched over, so we made a few last minute adjustments before the feature.  Tracy started 19th out of a full 24-car field.  He ran a great race for his first time on the track.  He stayed out of trouble, with the exception of one little scuff into the wall, which he recovered from without skipping a beat.  Tracy finished the race 18th out of 24 cars.  As soon as the sprint feature was over, it began to rain and rain and rain.  We stuck around for about two hours to see if they were going to run the track in and keep going with the rest of the show, but the rain never quite slowed down enough for that plan.  

Thanks to Lori, Troy, Angie, Eric, and Clem for help in the pits, and a special thanks to Jeff McCall for sharing his sprint car expertise!  Clinton County isn't running our class tomorrow night (9/5), so we will be off this weekend, but we plan to be back in action next Friday night (9/12) at Clinton County for a regular 25-lap feature event.  See ya then!

August 17, 2003

No chance of rain in sight last Friday night at Clinton County Speedway.  The night got off to a great start.  Tracy started on the outside pole for his heat race.  He took the lead at the drop of the green, and he didn't look back.  He had gained about a half of a straight stretch lead over the 2nd place driver, when the caution came out for a spin back in the pack.  On the restart, he kept the lead until lap #7, when Daryl Stimeling took over first place.  Tracy finished the 10-lap heat in 2nd place, with the car running better than it has all season long.  We were hoping for a similar performance in the feature, when we found out that Tracy would be starting on the pole.  After a first lap caution, on the restart, Tracy was going into turn two, and he unfortunately got a little too sideways.  When he tried to correct, a few of the cars behind him had nowhere else to go, and there was a big little mess in turn two.  Tracy kept rolling, but had to come into the pits so the crew could tear off the crumpled front wing.  He got back out right away and joined the tail end of the field (not as much fun as being at the other end of the line of cars!).  He passed a few cars on the restart and was hanging in about tenth place, when the engine decided to take a dump AGAIN.  Another broken rocker arm.  As Jimmy Seger would say after the race, Tracy was a "motor-blowin' fool!"  We couldn't argue with him :)  Tracy will be making repairs to the engine this week, but it doesn't look too good for us to be making it to the track next Friday night.  If you're interested in going, please call us ahead of time to see if we'll be there.

Thanks to Troy and Lori for help in the pits.  We hope to see you back in action at Clinton County two Fridays from now, August 29.     

August 12, 2003

Can you think of anything better?  The smell of racing fuel, mixed with the smell of fair food?!   That's just what we were treated to last Friday night at the Clinton County Speedway.  The Clinton County fair was being held at the fairgrounds, adjacent to the speedway.  We thought for sure that we would be getting wet from all of the rain clouds swirling around central PA Friday afternoon, but they stayed away from the track, and the races went on as planned.  Tracy finished 4th in his heat race and started on the pole for the 25-lap feature event.  He cruised to a 6th place finish, out of 17 cars starting the race.  The engine is still giving us some troubles, but we're getting closer.

Thanks to Troy and Lori for help in the pits.  Thanks also to our newest sponsor, J.D. Potter Enterprises, Inc., of Karthaus, PA. Thanks also to J & L Speed Equipment of Montoursville for providing each of the drivers a prize after the races.  We appreciate the 5 gallons of race fuel!  We'll be back in action this Friday night, August 15, at Clinton County for the Ed Shaffer Memorial 30-lap feature event.  Hope to see you there!

August 3, 2003

Mother Nature wins again.  Races at Clinton County Speedway were rained out Friday, August 1.  We are planning to be back in action next Friday night, August 8, at the Clinton County Speedway.  See you at the races!

July 24, 2003

Please note change of plans:  We will not be racing at Clinton County Speedway, this Friday, July 25. 

July 22, 2003

Potter Motorsports made it back to Clinton County last Friday night, July 18, after a month of crazy schedules and car troubles.  Since the beginning of the summer, the APP building project has consumed huge amounts of our time.  We are happy to say that we are finally moving dirt at our lot!  This is a huge step in the right direction.  We hope to have the building construction completed before winter.  In the meantime, Tracy doesn't have nearly enough time to work on the car and prepare it for weekly racing.  We made it to the track at the end of June, and things were going pretty well.  Tracy ran a strong race and finished in 6th place out of 20 cars starting the feature.  The next race, a special event on Wednesday, July 2, Tracy ran his best race of the year so far.  He was comfortably in 3rd place when his engine went out on him.  He had to end the race early due to a broken rocker arm.  It took us a few weeks to get the engine back in running order, and we did make it back to the track last weekend.  Unfortunately, the engine troubles continued, and we were unable to run the feature.  Bummer!  Thanks to Troy and Lori for help in the pits, and a special thanks to our west coast crew member, Shawn Wood, for lending a hand while he was home last week!  Thanks also to the Seger crew for help in the pits to try to get the engine going.  We hope make it back to Clinton County this Friday night, July 25.

We would like to welcome our newest sponsors, Fye Logging and Veneer, of Moshannon, PA, K&N Performance Filters, and Stewart Warner.   See our sponsors page for their contact info.  Please show them your patronage, and tell them Potter Motorsports sent you! 

June 4, 2003

Please note a change of plans for this weekend.  We will not be racing at Clinton County this weekend.  The APP building project is all coming together about now, and it is unfortunately consuming a huge amount of time these days.   We just don't have enough hours to properly prep the car and safely race it each week.  At this point, we are shooting for every other week.  If you are planning on coming out to the track in the next month or so, please call or email us to find out for sure that we'll be there.  Sorry for any inconvenience, and we hope to see you at the races again soon!

June 1, 2003

After two weeks off, we made it back to the races Friday night, May 30.  Two weeks ago, the races were cancelled because of the rain, and last weekend, the engine needed some more tuning, so we decided to take the night off until we got the engine straightened out.  Tracy and Troy made a trip to Kriner's in Chambersburg last Tuesday to diagnose the engine troubles.  This proved to be a very productive trip.  The engine greatly improved this week.  Now, with the engine running better, Tracy can focus on other aspects of the car.  He started on the pole in his heat race, and ended up finishing 5th out of 8 cars.  This qualified him for starting 13th in the 20-car field for the 25-lap feature event.  He managed to avoid most of the trouble from the many many cautions in the feature event, bringing home a respectable 10th place finish.

Thanks to Troy, Lori, and Jimmy for help in the pits.  

We want to say welcome to the Lucas Racing Team from Pine Glen (Don, Darren, and Dustin), who added two new 4-cylinder enduros to the racing action at Clinton County Speedway this week, and a big congratulations to Dustin Lucas for picking up the feature win in that class! 

For anyone who is interested in checking out the racing action at the Clinton County Speedway, we would like to invite you to join us this Friday evening, June 6.  General admission is free to all for the first ever "Pack the Track" night at the speedway.  (Pit admission is the regular $20.)  If you've been thinking about coming out to watch Tracy pilot his new car, this would be a great weekend to give it a try.  Gates open at 5:00, hot laps at 7:00, and heats start at 7:30.  For more info, see www.clintoncountyracing.com.  Hope to see you there!

May 11, 2003

Tracy and the Potter Motorsports crew were back in action at Clinton County Speedway Friday night, May 9.  We weren't sure we were gonna race because it rained and rained and rained a good part of the day.  But the skies cleared up in time for the evening's events.  The track was in great shape, but the pits were very muddy!  Tracy and crew made some adjustments during the hot laps and heat race, trying to fine tune the car.  During the feature, the brakes overheated and blew out the seals, putting an early end to the race.  Tracy was able to get off the track without any trouble, but the brakes were a pile of molten metal when it was all said and done.

Thanks to Roger Irvine, Clem Myer, Troy Lucas (HaPpY BiRtHdAy TrOy!), and Lori Potter for help in the pits.  Thanks to Lucas Oil of Karthaus (263-4840), our newest sponsor!  If you are from the Karthaus / Snow Shoe / Frenchville / Lecontes Mills area, please let them supply your heating oil needs, and tell them your friends at Potter Motorsports sent you!  

We are tentatively planning on sitting out next Friday night in order to get the car back into race shape.  Several things need some time and attention before the car should be raced again.  If you care to lend a hand, give Tracy a call this week to find out what days he'll be at the garage.

I would like to try something new this year.  Please email me if you would like to be notified when this site is updated.  There are two major types:  updates / photos and parts for sale.  If you would like to know when either or both are updated, please email me, and I will drop you a note when new things are added!  (This also will give me an idea of who is visiting our site!)

May 3, 2003

Tracy made his sprint car drivin' debut at the Clinton County Raceway last night.  In a nutshell, the night was great.  Tracy ran two sets of hot laps, a heat, and a feature event and kept the car on the track.  We all have a lot to learn about getting this car going 'round the track, but we got off to a good start last night.  Tracy started in the rear for the feature and quickly passed the next three cars.  Because of cautions, he had to pass those same cars about three more times!  He had a tire going down for a good part of the feature, but thanks to a mid-race fuel stop, he was able to get some more air and keep going.  He finally finished in tenth place, from a field of 17 cars.

Thanks to Lori, Troy, and Jimmy for help in the pits, and thanks to the other teams at the track who offered advice on setting the car up.  And thanks also to Roger Irvine of Vinyl Graphic Specialties for lettering the car.  It looks great!  See photos page for new pics.

We'll be back to Clinton County Speedway next Friday for another night of racing.  Hope to see you there!  

April 28, 2003

The green flag has waved to start the 2003 season for Potter Motorsports!  Tracy and the crew have been busy putting together the sprinter for this racing season.  We got a little taste of what is to come yesterday at Gamblers Raceway in Clearfield, PA.  Tracy arranged to get a few hot laps in after the feature events yesterday at Gamblers.  The dust put an early end to the features, but Tracy was still able to take the car out.  He drove ten hot laps to get a feel for how the car would perform.  No crashes, no blown motors, so the day was a success!  One thing is for sure, the car is gonna be loud and fast!

Thanks to Lori, Troy, Angie, Jimmy Clark, and Jimmy Lender for help in the pits yesterday.  Our plan is to attend the first race at Clinton County Raceway in Lock Haven, PA, next Friday evening, May 2.  There are a few photos posted from yesterday on the photos page

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