2002 Updates

December 22, 2002

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Potter Motorsports!

2002 was an exciting year for the Potter Motorsports team.  We competed regularly at the Central PA Speedway in Clearfield, PA, with the #11 late model racer.  Tracy finished the season with three wins and 14 top five finishes, including a fourth place finish in the annual Yankee Doodle 100 race, earning him the 2002 Late Model Division Championship at the Speedway. 

Many changes have taken place for the Potter Motorsports Team.  We purchased a new truck and trailer for the 2002 season.  You will be seeing the biggest change take place for Potter Motorsports in 2003:  a shift from pavement late model racing to open wheel dirt racing.  We have sold both late model cars, and we’ve recently purchased a 2002 Eagle sprinter from Scott Bonnell of Fairview, PA.  We plan to compete locally and regionally according to the ASCS 360 rules.  We plan to run semi-regularly at Clinton County Speedway, near Lock Haven, PA, and at various other tracks in Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, and Ohio. 

Please check back here for updated information on our plans and accomplishments for 2003.  There will be new photos, a schedule, and updates posted as they are available.  There is also the ever-expanding list of parts for sale as we transition from late model to preparation of the sprinter.  Spread the word to any racers you know who are looking for good used parts!

We would to thank everyone who helped with the car and racing this year.  If you’re in the area, stop by the garage or the house to say hi and see how our operation is going for the new year.  We’d love to see you!

May you have a most blessed Christmas season and the happiest and healthiest new year!

September 8, 2002

Tracy finished the season with a 3rd place finish in the feature event Saturday, August 31.  With the 3rd place, he captured the 2002 Late Model Division Points Championship at Central PA Speedway.  Thanks to all who helped and supported us this racing season!

Don Narehood Lori Potter Mike Russell
Nike Straw Troy Lucas Angie Trude
Bill Humphreys Clem Meyer Jimmy Clark

We'll see you at the races next year.  Check back here for what's in store for Potter Motorsports in 2003!

August 19, 2002

Tracy pulled out a surprise FEATURE WIN this week at the Central PA Speedway.  The night got off to a rough start when, in the first set of hot laps, Tracy got a piece of oil dry in his eye.  He came in after only a lap or two because he couldn't see!  He made several trips to the ambulance for the EMT's to irrigate his eye, but it continued to bother him.  He skipped the second set of hot laps and ran only one lap in the heat, in case the feature would've gotten rained out.  Finally, just before the feature, Tracy blinked out whatever was in his eye, went to the ambulance for one last washing, and headed out for the feature.  As last week's feature winner, he started in eighth place.    TJ Fleck pulled out to an early lead.  Tracy wound his way through traffic and found himself in second place, about a quarter lap behind TJ.  We got the caution we needed when the #17 of Jimmy Seger, the #72 of Dave Delisle, and the #9 of Jacob Coffin got together in turn two.  After the restart, Tracy passed TJ and went on to win his second feature in a row, the third one of this year.  

Thanks to Lori, Mike, and Nike for help at the garage and in the pits.  We'll see you back in action at the Central PA Speedway in TWO weeks.  Also, with the announcement of the races being cancelled this weekend (8/24), as long as Tracy starts the feature August 31, he will have the points championship locked up.  Thanks to everyone who helped us out this year.  

August 11, 2002

Tracy picked up another FEATURE WIN this weekend at CPS.  The night was off to a good start when he won his heat race, earning him a 3rd place starting spot for the feature.  After passing the 1st and 2nd place cars of Dave DeLisle (72) and Jim Jenkins (97) early in the race, Tracy kept the lead for the rest of the feature.  There were a few cautions, and the #7 of Jeremiah Kuntz and #32 driven by Rick Miller were not too far behind.  They just didn't have enough stuff to catch Tracy this week!  Thanks to Lori, Nike, Troy, and Angie for help in the pits and at the shop.  Thanks also to the Corl Family for the extra cheering section in the stands this week!  We'll be back in action at CPS next week to see if we can make it two in a row.  (Last week, we picked up two second place finishes--one for the regular feature, and one for the feature that was rained out from July 27.)

July 29, 2002

Mother Nature wins this week.  We got rained out while lined up to start the race.  We'll be running DOUBLE FEATURES next Saturday, August 3, at CPS.  Join us for Fan Appreciation Night, as all the teams greet the fans on the front stretch during intermission.

The Potter Motorsports Team urges you to continue to keep the Quecreek miners, their families, and the entire rescue team in your prayers.  It was one huge miracle that happened in Somerset this weekend.

July 22, 2002

Another exciting night of racing at the Central PA Speedway for the Potter Motorsports Team. An early highlight of the evening was the T.A. Maney Trucking tri-axle driven by Troy Lucas in attendance for big rig night at the speedway. Troy’s truck was shining as usual. While he wasn’t the winner in his class, his truck looked great. Check out some photos here.

This week’s feature continued the battle between Tracy and Jimmer Seger. Tracy jumped out to an early lead, but by mid-race, both Jimmer and Shawn Shaefer had passed him. Tracy repassed Shawn, and during the last ten laps, began to reel in Jimmer. By the last lap of the race, Tracy caught him. Going into turn 4 on the way to the checkered, Tracy and Jimmer were side-by-side. Jimmer cut down into Tracy and spun. Tracy was the first across the line, but the caution came out and he was sent to the rear of the lead lap. Apparently spinner-spinnee "rule" happened to be in effect that night, so it wasn’t our lucky night. There was a two-lap shoot-out for the win. Tracy battled his way back to second place, but ran out of time to catch the leader. Schaefer went on to take the win, with Tracy coming in close behind. No one would’ve predicted that finish in the last few laps of the race.

Thanks to Don, Mike, Nike, and Lori for help at the garage and in the pits. We’ll see ya next week at the races!

This Wednesday, July 24, at 8:05 p.m., Tracy will be the guest on Don Gamble’s Rappin’ on Racin’. Rappin’ on Racin’ airs on WEDO 810 AM from 6:00 p.m. to dusk. If you can get this station, tune in to chat with Tracy and Don about the races!

July 16, 2002

We had a good run in the 100-lap Yankee Doodle race held July 3 at CPS.  Tracy ran well the whole race, and finished a strong 4th place, the last car on the lead lap.  The Potter Motorsports team also raced a regular feature event last Saturday, July 13, at CPS.  The car was working better than it has all year, and Tracy finished in 2nd place, right behind feature winner Jimmer Seger.  Watch for us back this week to see if we can again take the checkered.  Thanks to Don, Mike, Nike, Troy, and Angie for help in the pits.  We'll see you this weekend at the races!

June 23, 2002

It was a crazy few days at the garage before the races this week.  Tracy and crew were helping our buddy, Wild Bill Humphreys from Tennessee, put the finishing touches on his car for its debut performance at CPS.  They spent a good part of the day Wednesday, all Friday night, and all day Saturday racing to get the car ready for the track.  We ran short of time, so all bases weren't covered, but finally both Bill's and Tracy's cars made it to the track in one piece.  Unfortunately, Bill had a broken throttle linkage, which kept him from making the green.  Tracy, on the other hand, had a good feature race.  He was racing with TJ Fleck for the first half of the race, when they came up on lapped traffic.  TJ went one way, and Tracy went the other, and Tracy came out in the lead after TJ found himself stuck behind the lapped car.  TJ was battling back, but unfortunately got loose on the backstretch and lost his position.  Tracy led the rest of the race with TJ and Shawn Schaeffer close behind.  It was the first win of the season for Tracy and the Potter Motorsports crew.  Big thanks to Don, Jimmy, Bill, Mike, and Nike for help in the pits and at the shop.  We'll see you back in action at CPS for the Yankee Doodle race Wednesday night, July 3!  Hope to see you there!

June 13, 2002 

Welcome back after a long winter without racing!  Life has been crazy the last few months.  Tracy's business, Advanced Powder Products, has been keeping us all very busy, so we haven't been able to concentrate on racing as much as we'd like to.  We've made it to five races so far this year at CPS, finishing at least top three in each one.  Tracy has also been racing his dirtbike in some hare scrambles and motocross races this spring.  He also got to try his hand at piloting a sprint car a few weeks ago in Dave Blaney's Outlaw Driving Experience at Sharon Speedway.  It was only a short 20 laps, so he can't say that he's hooked, but he definitely enjoyed it.  We are planning on racing weekly at Central PA Speedway, so come on out and see how things are going.  Thanks to Don, Mike, Nike, Jimmy, Clem, and Bill for help in the pits so far this season. 

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