2001 Updates

July 15, 2001

We were finally able to get in not one, but TWO entire feature races last night without the rain ruining our night.  The first race was the Yankee Doodle 100 that was rained out from July 3. Tracy started near the rear of the field and quickly started to gain positions.  An early race spin in turns three and four put him back to the end of the lead lap.  Through the rest of the race, Tracy came from 7th back up to 3rd again.  He finished a strong 3rd place, right on the rear bumper of the 2nd place car of Jason Mignogna.  The 30-lap feature at the end of the evening ended with a 4th place finish for the Potter Motorsports #91.  Thanks to Sam, Lori, and Clem for help in the pits this week.  Look for us next week for the regular CPS feature, and in two weeks for the Iceman 100-lap special!   

July 11, 2001

Just getting the website updated, and this is a bit ridiculous...FOUR rainouts in a row.  We're getting the itch to race!  I just checked the weather, and one channel says mostly sunny and pleasant, and another says isolated thunderstorms.  Ughhh!!!  Well, we hope to get two races in this Saturday, a regular 30-lap feature, and the Yankee Doodle 100.  Hope to see you there!  If you're in the pits, stop by to say hello.  Despite the rainy weather the last few weeks, thanks to Lori, Sam, Dianne, Roger, Bud, Woody, and Troy for help in the pits, and Welcome Back to our buddy Don.

June 13, 2001

What a fine show at the Iceman race last weekend!  Tracy and the crew were ready for action as the Iceman Supercar Series rolled into town last Saturday night.  Tracy qualified 15th out of 21 cars.  He managed to avoid every caution, and only had to enter the pits once for an adjustment.  He thought he was dirt trackin' it again when he cut into the infield to keep from getting tangled in a crash in between turns 1 and 2.  He kept the car in one piece and ended up with an 11th place finish.  Some excellent driving...Congrats to Scott Baker for the win and to Barry DeSalve for the fastest qualifying time.  Thanks to Roger, Lori, Sam, Bud, Jason, Mike, and Nike for help at the garage and in the pits.  See ya next time!

June 4, 2001

Mother Nature wins again.  Races rained out at Central PA Speedway 6/2/01.  We'll see ya for the big Iceman race next weekend!  The Potter Motorsports #91 super late model will be back in action.  See ya there!  Thanks to Sam and Jason for help at the garage this week.

May 20, 2001

We brought the Potter Motorsports #41 Sportsman Late Model out for the first time in the 2001 season at Central PA Speedway last night.  It was the first of three "Triple Crown" Series events for the Sportsman LM Division.  If one driver could win all three events, last night's 50-lap race, a 75-lap(7/3/01), and a 100-lap race (8/11/01), he would get an additional $5,000 bonus.  During single car qualifying for the 50-lap feature, we qualified in 8th position.  We finished in 9th place in the feature.  We were short on crew and time this week to prepare the car, but we brought in home in one piece.  Thanks to Lori, Jason, Nike, and Clem for help at the garage and in the pits.  

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May 12, 2001

Mother Nature wins tonight.  Races rained out at Central PA Speedway.  We'll try again next week!

May 6, 2001

Potter Motorsports raced the first Saturday night event of the 2001 season at Central PA Speedway.  Tracy finished 3rd in the heat race and improved to a 5th place finish in the feature.  Lap times are getting faster.  Thanks to Lori, Sam, Roger, Bill, Jason, Mike, and Nike for help in the pits and to Woody for help at the garage.  We'll see you at the track next Saturday night.

Do you know someone who needs a job?  Tracy's company, Advanced Powder Products, Inc. has several positions open.  Here's the scoop.

May 1, 2001

We had another beautiful afternoon of racing this Sunday, April 29.  After the hot laps, we got a flat tire and put two fresh ones on for the heat race.  We scuffed them in during the heat race, but the track was eating tires, and we got another flat during the heat.  Unfortunately, we had to put an old tire on for the feature.  We're still working on getting the set-up just right.  We brought home another seventh place finish in the feature this week.  Thanks to Lori, Roger, Bill, Jason, Sam, Dianne, Mike, and Nike for help in the pits.  We'll be back in action this Saturday evening (May 5) at the Central PA Speedway.  See you there!

Please check out the for sale list.  There are a lot of good used race car parts at great prices.  There are photos of almost everything, so you can see what you're getting.  Tell your buddies when they're scratching their heads, looking for parts!   

April 23, 2001

Opening day at the races seemed pretty questionable until late afternoon when thick clouds broke up into a great sunshiny day.  We got off to a good start with good times in the hot laps and a third place finish in the heat race with the #91 super late model.  After an adjustment during intermission, the feature didn't go so well.  We started in last place and began to move up through the pack, but the car was way loose and not handling well.  We lost it in between turn 1 and 2 around lap 5 and had to start at the back again.  We ended up with a seventh place finish in the feature.  We'll get 'em next week!  Thanks to Bud, Jason, Lori, Mike, Randy, Sam, Dianne, and Troy for help in the pits.  We'll be back at CPS next Sunday afternoon.   

April 9, 2001

Racing season is finally here again!  We had a beautiful day for practice yesterday at the Central PA Speedway.  (All of us came home with a little sun burn, but better than frost bite!)  Tracy and the car (Super Late Model) worked well, and we had no major problems.  Thanks to Sam, Bud, Jason, Clem, Mike, and Nike for help in the pits.  We'll be back to the track Sunday, April 22 for the first feature event of the 2001 season with the super late ready to race!  Gates open at 11:30, racing at 2:00.

As for the website, check back here soon for an updated schedule and parts-for-sale list, as well as pics from practice and some new crew member pics.  Please email me if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions.  See ya at the track!

January 30, 2001

Happy new year from Potter Motorsports!  We're all busy getting ready for another season of racing.  We hope to do a little bit of both dirt trackin' and racing the pavement cars this summer.  The motors are getting tuned, and we're counting the days until opening night!

Watch back here for updates as the season gets closer, and check out the schedule page where the 2001 schedule will soon be posted!  We also got a new camera for Christmas, so you should see some more excellent photography on the website this season!

Also, be sure to check out the parts for sale list, updated 1/30/01.  Lots of good stuff if you're looking for parts to finish your racer.

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