2000 Updates

October 27, 2000

Since the end of the pavement racing season, we've still managed to keep pretty busy racing on the dirt track.  Friday, September 29, Tracy finished 7th in Mike and Nike's #23 Limited Late Model at Dog Hollow Speedway.   The following week, we took a break from the track.  Then we were back in action with the #23 at the Hummingbird Speedway on Saturday, October 14, finishing 5th (with NO brakes or power steering!), and last Saturday, October 21, finishing in 3rd place.  The highlight of the night was when I got to start the street stock feature--finally got to wave that green flag!  Watch for us tomorrow night back at the 'bird. 

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September 23, 2000

Tracy ended his pavement racing season in style last weekend, making a great show in the AC Delco Supercar Series 100 lap event.   After a rough start and a crash on lap eight, Tracy made his way from last in the field to a fine seventh place finish.  Tracy was the top local finisher in the race.   All this despite the damage done to the car during the early crash, ripping off th fender, messing up the aerodynamics of the car, and fighting a bad push the whole race.   Way to go!  Thanks to Lori, Don, Bud, Sam, Diane, Mike, and Nike for help in the pits.

Dirt tracking was an adventure the last week or so.  Dog Hollow rained out Friday, September 15, but we were able to make it to the newly reopened (after 27 years) Hummingbird Speedway, between Reynoldsville and Falls Creek.  Unfortunately, Tracy got spun around the last lap of his heat race, earning him a starting position in the rear of the pack for the feature.  This was exactly where he didn't want to be.  He was a victim in a first lap pile-up on the front stretch involving eight or ten cars.   The steering got messed up, so we were done for the night.  The facility was a little rough, but everyone was anxious to get back to racing at this old-time speedway.   All of the track personnel seemed like they're trying to do a good job with this track.  We hope to race there again soon. 

We raced at the Dog Pound last night.  Tracy finished fourth in the heat race and seventh in the feature with Mike and Nike's #23 semi-late model.  Watch for us next week back at the Dog Pound.

September 5, 2000

One week left to prepare for the big AC Delco Supercar Series 100-lap event next Saturday evening, and we got two chances at it this weekend.  We didn't even get the heat race in Saturday night before the skies opened up, literally flooding the infield.  The officials called it an early end to the evening, with the rain date of Sunday afternoon being necessary.  We tried it again Sunday afternoon and did manage to get the heat race in, and even the first half of the feature before the rain came down again.  Tracy was running in seventh place, still fighting the tire battle.  We'll see what next week brings on Goodyears instead of Hoosiers.  Thanks to Lori, Don, Bud, and Eric for help at the garage and in the pits.   A special THANK YOU  to the youth group from Shephard of the Hills Lutheran Church (Chad Maney, Curt Trude, Victoria Lyle, Winston Lyle, Kiaia Cole, and Lacie Cole) as well as Janelle Coudriet, Brianna Thomas, and Janeen Coudriet for making SPECTACULAR banners and posters in support of Potter Motorsports!  Thanks guys!  You did a great job!  Watch for pictures soon.

We gave the dirt car a rest this week and didn't make it to Dog Hollow Speedway Friday night.  We'll be back there this Friday night and we'll see you for the big race at Central PA Speedway Saturday night!

August 27, 2000

Tracy and the Potter Motorsports crew were racing the #91 Super Late Model at the Central PA Speedway Saturday for Rusco Enterprises night.    Despite problems with the cooling system in the car, Tracy pulled off a nice fourth place finish.  We're continuing to get the car ready for the 100 lap ACDelco/Murray's Supercar Series event to be held at CPS on Saturday, September 9.   Thanks to Lori, Don, Bud, Sam, Mike, and Nike for help at the garage and in the pits.

We finally got back to dirt trackin' Friday night at Dog Hollow, where Tracy drove Mike and Nike's #23 semi-late model, finishing 11th. 

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August 20, 2000

This weekend brought the Potter Motorsports #91 Super Late Model back into action for the first time since mid-May of this year.   Tracy is planning on running in the AC Delco/Murray's Supercar Series race at Central PA Speedway on Saturday, September 9, so he wants to get the car tuned up for that race.  The car was tight all night, so there is still a lot of work to do to get the car ready.  Despite the handling problems, Tracy still earned a fifth place finish in the car that's been out only three other times this season.  Thanks to Lori, Don, Jason, and Sam for help at the garage and in the pits.  Watch for us at CPS next week.

We got rained out at Dog Hollow AGAIN.  We'll keep trying to get there as long as the weather cooperates.

August 13, 2000

We fought with the tires all night long, trying to get the stagger right.  We couldn't quite get them to where they were working the way we wanted them.  Tracy had some really good lap times, in the mid- to high 18's, so despite the tire troubles, the car still worked pretty well.  We settled for second place, before a long night in tech.  Everyone's scratching their heads 'cause the car checked out just fine!  Thanks to Lori, Don, Bud, Jason, Mike, and Nike for help in the pits.

We tried racing at the Dog Pound again Friday night.  We were able to get all of the heats in (and get a preview of the school bus races) before the skies opened up, putting an early end to the evening.   Double features there next week...

August 7, 2000

Three weeks in a row!  The Potter Motorsports #41 was running great.  After finding a flat spotted tire responsible for a vibration during the heat race, Tracy went back out to win his third Sportsman Late Model feature in a row!  Thanks to Don, Bud, Sam, Jason, Mike, Nike, and Lori for help in the pits.  Thanks also to all the fans who came out to talk with the team for fan appreciation night at the track Saturday evening. 

We were just spectators at Dog Hollow Speedway Friday night.  The team had other commitments, so the car couldn't be there to race.   Don't forget--School Bus Races next Friday night! 

We'll see you at the races next week!

July 31, 2000

Tracy made it two in a row in the Sportsman Late Model Division at the Central PA Speedway last Saturday night.  The car looked good after claiming a win in the heat race, and Tracy continued to get the job done for another win in the feature.   Thanks to Don, Bud, Roger, Sam, Mike, Nike, and Lori for helping to get the car ready for action.  Thanks to Lacie and Kiaia for being the cheering section.  We'll see you next week for autograph night.

And another rainout, for the third week in a row at the dog pound.....

July 23, 2000

Tracy and the Potter Motorsports crew were back in action last night at the Central PA Speedway.  Tracy, Bud, Don, Jason, Mike, and Nike worked on the #41 Sportsman Late Model all day Saturday, getting it in prime shape for racing.  There was time to get a few set-up changes made and to get the tires just right during hot laps and the heat race.  When it came time for the feature, the car and driver were looking good.  After a mid-race red flag, Tracy took the lead and never looked back.  He took the checkered for his first win in CPA's new Sportsman Late Model class.

We also planned on doin' some dirt trackin' at the Dog Pound Friday night, but Mother Nature had other ideas, causing racing action to be cancelled due to rain.   We'll try there again next weekend.  Don't forget, August 11 brings back SCHOOL BUS RACING to Dog Hollow.  You'll be guaranteed a good time if you make it there that night!

July 12, 2000

You might have been wondering where the Potter Motorsports crew has been for the last few months.  Things have been extremely busy for Tracy since the beginning of this year, as he is starting a new business.   He and partner Don Heaney have formed Advanced Powder Products.   APP is a powdered metal parts producing company in Philipsburg, PA.  This new business has kept Tracy very busy, and he hasn't been able to do nearly as much racing as he would like.  We're still making it to the track as often as possible though.   The last two weeks (7/2 and 7/7) Tracy has piloted the #23 semi-late dirt model owned by Mike Russell and Gary "Nike" Straw at our favorite Dog Hollow Speedway.   He's given the car quite a workout.  Sunday night ended early when a rear shock mount broke during a crash early in the race.  Friday was better until Tracy got a flat tire.  Our neighbors in the pits quickly changed it and got Tracy back out there without losing a lap.  He cruised to an 8th place finish.  We're planning on running this car on a weekly basis at Dog Hollow, so if you're around, be sure to stop by and find us.  Watch for later in the season when the pavement cars return to the track.

As for Advanced Powder Products, you can stay updated at http://www.pottermotorsports.com/app.htm.   Posted on this site is a description of the company, and links to several newspaper articles about APP.

See you at the Dog Pound Friday night!

 May 9, 2000

The adventures continue for the Potter Motorsports crew.  One thing is for sure.  There is never a dull moment when you're along with this team.  Saturday 5/6 started out like a typical weekend at the garage in Karthaus.  The plan was to prepare the #91 car for the race in Toledo, OH, next Friday night.  When the crew heard the news of the 75-lap, $2000 to win Sportsman Late Model race at the Central PA Speedway that evening, they decided that Tracy should have his car over there.  This was a great idea.  Except for the fact that the car needed 'a little' work before it was race ready.  Tracy said, "if you guys have the car ready, I'll drive it."  That was all they needed to hear.   And so they began...from around noon until 7:00 pm, all Don, Bud, and Eric had to do was to put in the motor, remove and replace the oil pan, adjust the oil pickup in the motor, put in the tranny, put in the fuel cell, put the radiator in, take the tranny out, and put it back in 'cause it wasn't set up for that motor combination.  Not bad.   We didn't have time to setup car, so Tracy 'just adjusted it til' it looked good.'   We left the garage a few minutes after 7:00, and got there just as the 75-lap race was starting.  All that work wasn't wasted though.  We were still able to make it into the regular 25-lap feature.  So by the time we got into the pits, we still had to mount 4 tires and add weight to the car 'cause it was 50 pounds light.  We would have known this, but we didn't have time to scale the car at the garage.   Despite all this, Tracy pulled in a very respectable fifth place finish out of a field of ten cars.  Thanks to Don, Bud, and Eric for doing such a great job of getting the car ready to make it to the track, and to Don, Bud, Sam, Dianne, Lori, Jodie, Eric, and Troy for help at the track. 

Be sure to check back here to see where the Potter Motorsports gang will be next!

 May 1, 2000

Tracy and the Potter Motorsports crew traveled to Mansfield, OH, for the first AC Delco Supercar Series event of the 2000 season on Saturday, April 29. This is the first time any of the team had ever seen this facility. Nearly 30 cars were present to qualify for the field. Midway through qualifying, a car put oil down the entire length of the speedway, causing the remaining cars to have extreme difficulty in qualifying. The speedway ran a few heat races and allowed the remaining supercars to qualify afterwards. Tracy turned in a time of 16.40 seconds on the high banked half mile track. This earned him a 14th position start of 29 cars. The crew made significant improvements to the car from the time we got there until the time Tracy ran time trials. When it came time for the feature, you could tell that these boys (and girl) were overly anxious to get the race underway. The cars were all nearly up to speed long before the green flag fell. Tracy managed to avoid the first incident, a spin between turns 1 and 2 before the first lap was complete.  When the race restarted, another incident occurred on the front stretch, right in front of the flag stand.  Lori was quick on the radio, and Tracy was quick on the brakes.  For a split second, he was in the clear.  Unfortunately, the guy behind Tracy wasn't so fast on his brakes.   He spun Tracy around, and then Tracy got hit head on by another car, destroying his radiator and all the mounts.  We called it an early quit (not by our choice) and watched as a dozen or so other cars fell victim to some crazy driving "skills" of these guys throughout the rest of the event.  Thanks to Lori, Don, Roger, Jodie, Sam, Dianne, and Clem for coming along.  We'll be working hard to fix the damage and be ready for the next race in Toledo, OH, on Friday, May 12.

 April 17, 2000

Sunday, April 16, saw the Potter Motorsports crew back in action for the first time this season at the Central PA Speedway.   The weather was perfect for racing, and Tracy was ready to try out the car.   After working out a few bugs from over the winter, Tracy drove the car to a cool fourth place finish.  Interestingly, we were the only super late model team to run on last year's Goodyear tires, since the speedway switched to Hoosiers this year.   Thanks to Lori, Sam, Jodie, Rob, Linda, and Dianne for help in the pits and to Don for help at the shop all week.  The car felt good, and we're looking forward to the first AC Delco Supercar Series race at Mansfield Speedway in Mansfield, Ohio on April 29.  

April 10, 2000

We're ready to get back to the track this weekend (Sunday 4/16) at the newly repaved Central PA Speedway.  Tracy will have the Potter Motorsports # 91 back in action for the first time this racing season.  We will also be racing Dick DeLisle's # 34 semi-late model at the Dog Hollow Speedway in the next few weeks.  Saturday, April 29, will be the first AC Delco Supercar Series race (formerly the AC Delco Iceman Supercar Series).  Tracy and the crew will be traveling to the Mansfield Speedway, in Mansfield, Ohio for this event.  Be sure to check the results page to see how the season is going.

March 16, 2000

The green flag is about to fall on the 2000 race season for Potter Motorsports.  We've been very busy in the off-season, but we're ready to get back onto the track for some racing action.

In January, the Potter Motorsports Crew attended the Pennzoil Motorsports 2000 Show at the Fort Washington Expo Center, in Fort Washington, PA.  This is the largest off season racing event held in the northeast.  We took the #91 Late Model down to display, and were promoting racerparts.com, the on-line parts catalog created by Tracy and Lori. We were on-line for the whole weekend, allowing show visitors and exhibitors to explore the site. Another highlight of the show was Tracy's seminar Friday evening on "Asphalt Late Model Chassis Set-up" held in the The Motorsports Garage. The seminar consisted of the basics of chassis set-up followed by a question and answer session.  Many drivers stayed afterwards to get some advice on setting up their cars.  We were also joined by Rich Brennan and the Arctic Fire crew to promote their in-car fire suppression systems.  See pictures of the show on our photos page.

Tracy, Don Narehood, Sam Reed, Eric Moore, Roger Irvine and the other crew members have been working hard getting the cars ready for the new season.  We will be competing in the AC Delco Iceman Supercar Series, attending events at tracks throughout Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan.  Tracy has also been working with Dick DeLisle, owner of the #34 dirt semi-late model.  The team plans on competing with that car regularly at Dog Hollow Speedway, and special events at other regional tracks.

The Potter Motorsports #41 Late Model is currently on display at the annual Dubois Mall Car Show.  The show ends Saturday evening, so stop by to see the car if you get the chance.

We plan on being back in action for practice at the newly resurfaced Central PA Speedway on Sunday, April 2, and at Dog Hollow Speedway on Saturday, April 8.  We hope to see you there!

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